A SaaS platform for customer experience-centric digital-transformation programs

All involved stakeholders, from business to IT, from service designers to process analysts, benefit from a collaborative, online platform to build and share decision-ready deliverables and execute action plans.


A modular, collaborative and integrated platform to drive digital transformation programs

The Axellience Business Transformer Suite is an online SaaS platform that helps drive successful digital transformation programs with all stakeholders on board.

It is a graphical and reliable decision-making core that uses market standard models and automates the generation of decision-ready reports. How ?

Your transformation may begin with IT, the organization, the customer journey or CX analytics. Axellience Business Transformer collects and analyzes those enterprise assets that are critical to operate change programs. It makes it easy to browse programs and communicate cross-silos.

Natively collaborative. Cloud-based. No deployment needed. The ideal solution for agile and customer-centric digital transformation.


AXELLIENCE Business Transformer benefits from a 2-way integration with Atlassian Jira and Confluence.

Once you have completed your design models, you can seamlessly extend collaboration with Atlassian tools, both ways. Your artifacts become available in Jira and Confluence, and reversely you are made aware of project changes and progress via dedicated reports.

As a result, you are in full command of successful and agile transformation.

Your benefits

Chief Digital Officer

  • Easily organize the governance of your digital business transformation programs
  • Get every business transformation stakeholder on board at the right time
  • Distribute information and decision-ready deliverables to all stakeholders, including the Board
  • Have performance indicators at your fingertips across your operating model (Business, organization, IT, etc.)
  • Use a crowdsourcing approach to gather expert information directly from those who know
  • Offer the right tooling to each stakeholder depending on their role

Service Designer

  • Adopt a holistic approach to business service design
  • Get immediate business buy-in
  • Host collaborative workshops with business leaders
  • Design services from A to Z with no loss-time and a focus on value proposition
  • Easily explore entry and exit points and check consistency of delivered services
  • Have both flowcharting and customer journey mapping at your fingertips
  • Go from paper to online documentation – fast & easy
  • Easily communicate with the business in business terms
  • Streamline communication with UX and UI designers

IT Architect, CIO

  • Easily leverage customer experience to justify IT improvements
  • Prioritize IT transformation programs with customer experience in mind
  • Seamlessly toggle from customer emotion and feedback to potential IT improvements
  • Link customers expectations to technology innovation opportunities
  • Understand at a glance the impact of IT resources on business processes and customer experience
  • Use objective, customer-driven metrics to prioritize IT modernization and ITportfolio management programs

Business Architect

  • Easily communicate process design and performance metrics
  • Speak in customer value and business terms
  • Quickly identify process defects that directly impact customer experience
  • Seamlessly link business and organizational resources to customer journeys touchpoints
  • Automate the delivery of reports and dashboards that speak the language of the business

Integration Partner

  • Get customer buy-in at first sight during the presales phases
  • Offer your teams an online, integrated digital transformation platform from project start
  • Use the same communication medium with all stakeholders, including customers
  • Deliver consistent, sustainable business outcome to customers
  • Transfer digital transformation competence and autonomy to customers
  • Improve consultants’ learning curve and provide a productive working environment
  • Capitalize your specific know-how and methods and reuse them as required

Stakeholders collaboration

Collaboration is critical to foster innovation and stir collective intelligence. Axellience Business Transformer allows for quick wins while also making well-informed longer term transformation decisions to solve business issues.

How ?

The solution is inherently collaborative. Chatting, co-working, co-creation, information and report sharing, and other collaborative capabilities are built-in. The platform is also role-based: all users, according to their role, access data relevant to them: CX information for marketers and CDO, organizational information for business analysts, IT portfolio information for IT architects, etc.

How does it work?


Whatever your starting point, you can browse through the domains and concepts of your operating model, analyze and understand impact and dependencies, and ensure consistency.

How ?

You can seamlessly drill down, up or across using links from a persona to a customer journey touchpoint to the enterprise resources involved, be they processes, decisions, IT assets or information.

Similar links and navigation are used to easily design and generate dashboards, heatmaps and reports from the repository data and share them with decision makers.

Use cases

Your products sell. Your customers speak of the value you create
for them. To stay ahead of your competitors, you want to clarify how
customer conduct and feedback can help identify possible improvements
to the organization, processes and IT assets.

As a Chief Digital Officer, you and your consulting partner use
Axellience Business Transformer to justify your digital transformation
program to the board and govern it with all involved stakeholders.

Digital transformation is an ongoing process. Too often, related programs
and projects are scattered all over the business. You need a proper overview
to make sense of it all and to identify new digital business opportunities.
You must link new customer expectations to the benefits of your products
and services, and prioritize next steps in terms of organization and IT

As a Chief Digital Officer, IT or business leader, you and your consulting
partner have full command on enterprise assets. You evaluate and confidently
fix objectives to reach your target operating model.

Your company is a renowned brick and mortar company in its market.
You are in charge of planning how to seize digital business opportunities.
You are tasked with building and presenting a plan to the Board.

In this role, you use Axellience Business Transformer to gather market
trends and existing digital customer expectations, and to build personas
accordingly. You can then turn to product management to explore what
changes can be implemented in your offering to meet the new digital

The Board is not only carefully listening to you but can also closely
follow up and see the plan as it moves forward.

Leading our customers and partners to great customer
experience and digital transformation

Axellience delivers its SaaS Business Transformer Suite with best-in-class services and support. We help our partners and customers implement and configure the solution for optimal results.

All along your transformation journey, Axellience offers expert advice suited to your program.

We also deliver training, technical support and customer success reviews.

They chose Axellience

Axellience technology is a great collaborative tool It's simple yet powerful, and we use it to drive our customers’ digital transformation initiatives
Eric Bianchi
We were looking for a solution that would support our clients in their business transformation. With Axellience, you finally get clarity and stay in control of all your transformation initiatives.
Maxence Snoy
Axellience enables our engineers to be more efficient and more qualitative during their consulting missions.
Guillaume Ovtcharenko
We were looking for a solution that would support our clients in their business transformation. With Axellience, you finally get clarity and stay in control of all your transformation initiatives.
Maxence Snoy

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